An overview of books available books by Paul Mijksenaar.

Wayfinding for an Airport (2019)
Preface by Timo de Rijk (director Design Museum Den Bosch)
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Wayfinding for an Airport reveals the visual wealth that the hurried traveler rarely if ever gives a moment’s thought. Over the past 33 years, design agency Mijksenaar has developed a remarkably extensive visual language consisting of colors, planes, arrows, maps and dozens of symbols. The designers at Mijksenaar work together to form a unique, extremely varied yet consistently clear visual world—an environment instantly recognizable even to the traveler who catches only a partial glimpse of the information provided.
This visual language did not simply appear ‘out of the blue’. It is the result of decades of hard work by many designers.

Wayfinding at Schiphol
Wayfinding at Schiphol (2012)

“The story of this booklet begins in 1967, the year in which interior architect Kho Liang Ie and graphic designer Benno Wissing laid the foundation for an information system that remains as effective today as it was then and that seem destined to exist far into the future…” Filled with photos and illustrations, this book looks at wayfinding from the perspective of symbols, bilingualism, colour schemes and so forth.

Open Here
Open Here (1999)
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Open here: the art of instructional design presents an entertaining array of the most ingenious, beautiful and frustrating visual solutions that designers and illustrators have invented to help us handle modern technology and everyday products.The book includes an overview of the basic elements of visual instructions: the baffling yet remarkable drawings, cartoons and symbols that tell us where to cut, when to twist, how to repeat or how to do all the above.

Visual Function
Visual Function (1997)

Visual Function is a lively overview of the emerging field of information design and its impact on the world around us. Mijksenaar analyzes numerous illustrations of the best and worst in design throughout history, from the Titanic to the Bauhaus to the Swatch, and proposes methods for today?s designers to discover their own creative solutions to the challenges of transmitting information.

De vorm
De vorm zal u toegeworpen worden (1996)
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De vorm zal u toegeworpen worden is de eerste Nederlandse publicatie over het betrekkelijk jonge vakgebied ?Vormgeven van visuele informatie?, dat als verbreding van het grafisch ontwerpen kan worden beschouwd en dat een verbinding tot stand wil brengen tussen vormgeving en menswetenschappen als de psychonomie. Deze uitgave, de intreerede van Paul Mijksenaar aan de Faculteit van het Industrieel Ontwerpen van de Technische Universiteit Delft, geeft een overzicht van vrijwel alle aspecten van visuele informatie.